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Our journey 

Now it is, approximately, one year ago since C1 Certification carried out its first ever audit and have since then completed over 300 audits. We are therefore well on our way on our growth journey and new customers as well as auditors are constantly joining us. Our services, management system and business support system are continually and systematically developed based on customer and auditor feedback. The picture, to the right, displays when two of our competent auditors (Lars Liljeqvist and Marita Bäckman Jakobsson) visited and developed the business in one of our new and exciting customers, Recover. Do you want to know more about how we can develop your business or our unique view on audits, feel free to contact us.

We expand to Denmark

C1 Certification expands its certification business to Denmark with two new solid auditors, Niels Madsen and Morten Thomsen. The first customers are already signed and the first audits are due in a few weeks. Naturally, we utilize our special maturity model and business support system in Denmark as well. Niels and Morten have together an immense experience from the certification industry with experiences ranging from auditors and owners to technical chief and operation managers. In Denmark C1 Certification will offer the same services as in Sweden, i.e accredited certifications against ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018. This will allow C1 Certification the possibility to offer existing customers audits in Denmark as well as welcome new Danish customers. Do you want to learn more about our first expansion outside Sweden and how that can help your organisation - feel free to contact us.  

Google glasses 

C1 Certification has through its innovative and modern approach developed and implemented the use of google glasses, as a complement, during its audits. How C1 Certification utilizes this extraordinary technology is by sending the glasses to the customers, who then wear them during the audit. A high resolution camera accompanied with a speaker and a microphone are all neatly located in the construction of the glasses. These features are all controlled by the lead auditor, who can be located anywhere, via our inhouse developed remote apparatus. This enables the auditor to communicate in real time with the customer as well as at the same time see everything in perfect resolution. The environment is beneficiary, the travel expenses decrease and employee and auditor satisfaction increase. To conclude, the technology will continue to help and ensure that our lead auditors are able to do follow ups on implementations at our customers organisations and make sure customer satisfaction is high. Do you want to learn more about how google glasses and its accompanying technology can be utilized during audits at your organization - do not hesitate to contact us.