About us

Our approach

We have four simple keywords that represent our approach, our way of behaviour and how we associate and refer to our stakeholders.


Fast means that we offer good availability and short decision paths.

Through our unique business system, we enable a Simple business approach for both auditors and customers.

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Friendly
  • Flexible

With us you always get a Friendly experience of competent personnel. 

Our long experience in the industry allows us to swiftly provide all the possible and available alternatives for the various stages in the certification process and can therefore act Flexible

Our business system

Our uniquely developed business system is constructed with a clear focus on customers and auditors needs. Our ambitions are to minimize emails and the use of paper. We have therefore developed our dashboards where all activities are presented, visualized, prioritized and summarized. The activities are clickable into each specific case, deviation, document, next audit date or certificate.

Our business system is further customized to your case management needs. Regardless of what case you are managing, the process has always the same structure (see picture). In our system you can add your own non-conformities and improvements found in your continuous improvement program or internal audits. Consequently, you can have everything in the same system and thus improve your efficiency. Some examples of what you can utilize our system for is; customer complaints, customer feedback, praise, supplier deviations, action plans, incidents, engineering change requests and much more.

Our it-supplier has their servers in Sweden and are certified against ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 och IS027001:2013.

Our maturity model

Our unique maturity model is based on the seven management principles; customer focus, leadership, engagement of employees, process approach, improvements, evidence-based decision making and relationship management.

When utilizing our model you get a unique insight into how you compare with other organizations in the industry. The model provides you with objectives, in connection with your management system, to pursue and how these can in the best possible way be implemented into your daily work and strategy.

The maturity model does further promote and assist you with improving and developing the organizational understanding regarding how an efficient management system supports and develops your organization.


Our quality policy

Our quality work should in a natural way engage all employees and subcontractors. Our management system shall guide and manage our company and on a daily basis aid and encourage our continuous improvement as well as satisfy and meet our stakeholders laws and requirements with a clear independence and impartiality.

Our data and privacy policy

This policy covers all services that C1 Certification offers and is updated continuously, since our range of services might change. Your integrity is ensured through our continuous evaluation and education of employees, subcontractors and IT-suppliers. Click here if you want to know and learn more about our IT-supplier and what certifications they have.

C1 Certification act and work for a complete protection of your personal information is ensured. This is enabled and guaranteed due to our carefully, clear compliance with and respect to the general data protection regulation (GDPR), and its rights. The law (GDPR) controls how we as an organization can collect, store and use personal identifiable information. Click here if you want to learn and know more about your rights.