One can verify and confirm the correctness in a statement by executing a verification or validation, e.g a software’s conformity with its specification, statements regarding social responsibility, during acquisitions; confirm if the opposite organisation fulfills the requirements stated in the contract or the established requirements.

Beginner's course

Are you in need of getting something verified or validated? Do you want to learn the basics and gain an insight about possible tools and reasoning? Then we have a one day course for you. It includes following elements:

1. What are verification and validation? We provide you with insights into the differences.

2. What can be verified? A statement or products? We give you real life examples that we have previously executed.

3. What demarcations shall you perform during a validation?

4. Accredited or non-accredited? We go through the pros and cons.

5. We go through ISO/IEC-17029, i.e the standard for verification.

6. What competencies are necessary in order to verify something and who can do it?

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