Do you need help with business development? We can offer, execute and manage workshops, being moderators or coaches in several different circumstances such as structures, implementation and demarcations surrounding the management system’s scope and requirements in connection to your strategy, senior management and business objectives. Do you belong to the senior management and are in need of sparring? Look into the section about networks.

We do not construct nor improve any management systems, since we as an certified body have as a mantra to stay independent and impartial.


Do you belong to the senior management and are in need of sparring?

C1 Certification together with Circulos bring together CEO:s from different industries via so called sparring tables. These tables meet every second month in order to sparr each other in regards to business opportunities, strategic and operative questions. These gatherings are held at inspiring locations and experienced corporate leaders and senior business developers act as hosts in order to ensure that the conversations are inspiring and effective.

In addition, in order to ensure development of each table every participant contributes with their own experiences and questions in connection to their business. Insights and development occur in carefully established groups, by discussing each concern from different perspectives and by solutions are developed and reasoned together.

The participants in each group are brought together based on their experience, company size and overall business approach. Therefore solutions, insights and new knowledge developed in conjunction with peers and contributes to new knowledge being cultivated for those that are engaging in the discussions. All of the discussions are strictly confidential. 

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