Appeals and complaints

One of C1 Certification’s key work ethics are continuous improvements and an important part of that are potential customer or other stakeholders complaints and appeals as well as complaints and appeals regarding our certified customers. We have therefore developed and utilized the below approach for these kinds of instances:

1. Press here in order to enter our system. There you describe your concerns and arguments. Remember to specify who has sent the complaint or appeal if any additional information is needed and we need to contact you. 

2. The complaint or appeal are registered in our system and are therefore easy to follow-up.

3. You get a confirmation that we have received the complaint or appeal.

4. C1 Certification’s technical manager or other authorised personnel that are not biased go through the case thoroughly and make a statement.

5. The assessment is sent back to you along with information on how you appeal the assessment, if you find it unsatisfactory.

6. The complaint or appeal is thoroughly investigated internally in order for C1 Certification to learn and improve.