Net promoter score

Net Promoter Score 

C1 Certification uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) in order to measure customer satisfaction. NPS is a method in which builds upon what customers answer to the following question:

How probable is it that you would recommend C1 Certification to a business acquaintance, colleague, friend or other individuals in your network?

The customer answers by giving a number/grade between 1-10 based on their experience of us and our audits. 9 and 10 is a positive experience and means a high probability to recommend us. 7 and 8 are a passive position. 0-6 counts as a negative experience and yields a high probability for customers talk bad about us.

NPS is calculated by subracting the amount of negative customers in procent from the amount of positive customers in procent. That results in an answer from -100 to 100 where -100 means that all customers are dissatisfied and talk bad about us, whereas +100 means that our customers is highly satisfied and has a high probability to recommend us to their peers. 

A NPS above 40 is seen as very high. Are you satisfied with your certification body? 

Current NPS


Updated 22.10.2023

Customer Quotes

“They are incredibly good at, from a business perspective, providing useful and pragmatic audits”

“Their business support system is very user friendly and the maturity model makes everything easier and more explicit”


Year 2022 - 91 NPS

Year 2021 - 89 NPS

Year 2020 - 84 NPS